Thursday, March 14, 2013

Slimming for Rheumatology

I just need to explain a bit about what I'm going to do then hopefully I can get on with giving you all a weekly update full of the general trials and tribulations of my daily life as it is.
 I have started a charity for Rheumatology patients and people in need of help with the condition throughout the west of Ireland. Rheumatology covers a multitude of different debilitating illnesses such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, Sjogrens, Reynauds and many many more. All treated by a fabulous team of doctors and nurses in Merlin park Hospital Galway. The area of Rheumatology is badly underfunded in the West and I felt there was a need for me to help out.
So we have started to form a charity called.

I was not too sure what to do to start off, it is a difficult time for every one and I do realize that asking for money at this time, may be a hard pill to take. So, I have to do something to prove that I am determined to make this charity take off, even in this most difficult of times,
Now I've said it out loud to every one so I have to do it. And those of you who know me will realize just how serious I am if  a diet seems to be the only way. Now that's the last time you will read that dreaded word again I will rename the "d" word  with something comforting and nice. Ive not yet thought of a new name for the "d" word  but over the next week or so I will. You never know it may just morph from out of the blue into something different.
I plucked up the courage and took the time out and went to slimming world this Tuesday morning weighing in at!!!!!-------well you don't really want to know the nitty gritty bit about my total size do you? suffice to say 4 and a 1/2 stone has to be shredded from this mere mortal. Yes I know but if I take it 1/2 a stone at a time I feel Ill manage Just as long as it all comes off in the first week. Mmmmm maybe that's not the way its meant to be.????
So I went, I sat, I listened and hopefully absorbed all that was said to me and the other ladies in the meeting, Ladies and myself included, were all sitting erect and uncomfortable in the plastic chairs arranged in an arc around the Order of Malta  room. OK do a shop, veg, veg and more veg oh! don't forget the veg and then the salad and fruit. Quickly past the chocolate, biscuit and cake aisles. God this trolley looks healthy.
I have a real fear of not being able to fulfill this promise I have made but I promised myself that I can only do my best and just think of all the clothes I could wear, which is a thought that would encourage any woman to achieve their goal. I'm tired of pretending that "yes this size will fit" without the need to try on (IN THE DREADED CHANGING ROOMS) (If I was more adept at computers and things at this point I would have had the Jaws theme sound screeching at  THE DREADED CHANGING ROOMS but I'm not that good as you can tell) and then to realize that really two sizes bigger would have been the better option. 
Tired of scrunching myself up in the furthest corner of one large changing room with my back against the wall so I can keep a good look out for those skinny floozies who flaunted in to the room and  slide off their tops without a struggle. I think that may have came out wrong? I'm keeping an eye out for the skinny ones so I don't  feel even worse while I struggle to RELIEVE myself of my top, and in saying this I hold no malice toward skinnies only to say that I am Goddamn jealous. OK my own fault, I put the food in my mouth and I sat on the couch instead of taking a brisk walk fortunately I do and always have realized this point and truthfully don't get jealous at other peoples slim figures but I do become despondent with myself  for allowing myself to get this large. I am sure there is lots of psychology about to explain reasons why people over eat but the only thing I am sure about is that to loose it and to take control of my own life again I have to like myself.
Whooooo that's a statement and a half to make but I know that it's what I have to do so off I go on a journey and I would really love it if you could come along with me.

I will do my utmost to post weekly and try my best to bring a bit of fun to each week.
This weeks picture will show you all just why 4 and a half stone has decided to take refugee around my body and maybe I need to start looking for other subjects to paint?