Friday, January 14, 2011

Classes to bring enjoyment to theses winter days.

The excitement really is mounting as I start on this year plans for workshops and classes. Lots of messages are coming through by email and phone requesting workshop places for 2011. The excitement of working towards something special for me can be so enthralling. I do so look forward to planning exciting and interesting workshops and classes and I want the same enthusiasm to rub off on my students and for them to go home wanting to just paint and paint.
 It is so fantastic to know everyone is eager to hear about this year’s sessions.

Classes are so enjoyable to me, I love the company of others who enjoy and are enthralled buy the same elements of colour and shape as I am.
I change my classes all the time as I find it gives me and my students more of a challenge.
By changing my classes every single time I learn so much, It teaches me to go over things to re invent my techniques and ways of painting to simplify for myself. So as you may have guessed when reading this I am not just teaching class I am teaching myself as well.
This years classes start on
Tuesday evening February the 8th @ 7.30pm to 9.30pm.
Friday morning February the 11th @ 10am to 12noon
The Curam centre
County Mayo
Curam centre phone number is 094 9362202
Or just mail me


 “Working with Glass” workshop on Saturday May the 21 st.  is a must for all who love exploring .
“Hot and steamy with reds” work shop Saturday Junes 11 th will amaze you with its talents.
A full material list will be given beforehand to ensure a brilliant fun filled day.

I am tied up with a few gallery exhibition early on in 2011  so please Don’t worry too much if it takes me a little while to answer your mails I will do and in order.
For full information if you wish to be added to my workshop/ mailing list please contact


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new " or there abouts."

I find the process of putting genuinely heart felt feelings difficult to put on to paper,  I am a doer not a writer and I am so used to the actions of  hugs and smiles.  I think as with my painting, practice makes for better paintings and better blogs.
 As this year progresses I feel that I would  benefit if I wrote about my day and the people in it. Not sure it will work but who knows? and I am not sure if you the reader would benefit but there is always a chance that something may strike a cord.
I took a great deal of interest in Johanna Spinks on face book who took on the mammoth task of 365days of drawing thank you Johanna for sharing this with us all on FB
So I though because I have difficulties expressing myself on  paper I would attempt 365 day paint and diary nothing special mostly about my life I am sure sometimes it will be boring but I am sure that sometimes it will be quite interesting.  I feel that it would be better done in dairy form so Ive bought a large drawing book and will draw and write on a page a day. I don't think I will post all of my ramblings may be one a month we will see.
With all of this in mind I would really like to wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year may your God go with you and help you on your way.

 I would really like to hear from you and what you may think of this little adventure I am about to dive into.