Monday, April 22, 2013

Just over a month in to the 'D'

 Just over a month now since the 'D' started. Doing fantastic lost A STONE. Can't seem to eat  enough food, must admit my trolley looks so healthy
 Just have to tell you all a funny story. Tuesday comes (the day of reckoning  my weigh in day, I have a definite routine. Get up, have a cup of tea, go the loo, maybe too much information sorry, drive around to class or walk if its a nice day, go the loo again sorry, its an important comment to make.  I "go" to hopefully loose a gram or two more on the scale. I  then prepare to take off my coat, boots, scarf, cardigan and any other item with could possibly weigh more that a gram, and breath, then STEP ON THOSE SCALES and hope for the best. This routine came about of its own fruition but as I sit and wait for the class to start I came to the realization that most of us do the same thing. I suppose if I was weighed in with all my garments on and a full bladder each week it would not make a lot of difference but to be weighed in at just a few pounds less with out my cloths paraphernalia just makes it a bit better in my head.
I most definitely feel the difference in my cloths but really I don't think that it is noticeable to others yet. Unfortunately I have far too much to loose for others to see a difference. The annoying thing is Mike, my husband, is eating the same as me, well may be more that me but with only a stone and a half to loose (and he has lost a stone already) it shows so much on him. Things to come, that's what I need to keep thinking, things to come when I can fit into those dresses that I have kept for years 'just in case'. May be I need to ceremoniously retrieve them from their slumber and give them a wash , hang them up in my bedroom ready and waiting? Mmm maybe tempting fate.
I was visiting a friend today, who by chance is also on the same diet I am on.We got to talking about our cloths and just how loose they are becoming.
The strange thing was we both realized that, to our delight, we were actually able to breath when sitting down, without our skirts or trousers being determined to slice us in two. Something any magician would be proud of.
Our conversation gradually dissolved into this strange world of the unknown with comments like these are my cloth honest and they fit me NOW!!
Another thing was really funny (it felt like confession) we both had, tucked in to our bottom drawers, a pair of size 14 trousers from a time when I could run around sefton park circuit and then ceremoniously don a leotard and leggings (looking great if I do say so myself) just to walk sweatless, if there is such a word, in to a  keep fit class and dance away an hour with absolutely no chance of blackening both my eyes in the process's ,  Oh the joys of getting past it all.
Anyway thought I would leave you this month with the sobering thought:- one minute in the mouth is worth an inch on the hips
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Coloured Pencil Workshop

   Full day      
pencil workshop
Saturday 4th May
Angela Emsen-West 
Studio Ballinrobe
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