Wednesday, April 20, 2011

moving into scary worlds.

Moving into scary worlds is a bit of a dramatic statement but as I am so comfortable with what I paint and could most probably paint with my eyes close as each stage is ingrained in my brain, to change tack and to move towards new techniques and remove the CONTROL element within my work is a difficult process for me .

So here we go, I thought that it would be quite good to chronicle my processes.   This fist element I poured on the paint just using the three primary colours . I then let it dry with cling film and salt. May be you can just see what is emerging (or may be not)
Number two.
 I started to paint in my roses I did not want them to be too distinct so I kept the tonal values similar to the surrounding areas. 

Number three. 
This took some time to do but it seemed to arrive at the result I was after.

Number four. 
Finished the roses now the fun starts I want to build colour and depth but not totally sure what I'm about to do. so fingers crossed.xxxxx

                                                                       Number five.

I poured the three primary's over the painting again in the hope of developing some depth, I feel that it worked ? I will now bring back the roses again and  see what happens, maybe add another layer of poured paint .
The last few are still in the process so I will post shortly.