Tuesday, September 28, 2010

water colour work shops 2011

Well the time is here to start organising myself for next years workshops. How quickly life and time passes
I always feel a large sense of  intrepidation about the start of a new working calender because I'm working on next year when this year has not even finished. I used to work in the fashion industry and life was like that all the time we worked on fashions that would be two years getting in to the shops but now the industry has to be quick quick quick and they may be just a few months ahead sometimes not even that. I digress I think when I start working on next years workshops and classes I get a buzz ,things to push for, things to enjoy, new beginnings and all that. Some times to the detriment of my work for the rest of this year, but maybe now I have recognised this I can put things in action to motivate me in to keeping the spirit alive till the end of this working year. I know I will keep it alive I think its just the initial stages of working for the next year that make me think.

I am in the process of organising water colour work shops for 2011.
They will be held in county Mayo on the west coast of Ireland in a beautiful hotel right by lough conn.
proposed dated are Saturday  21st May  and Saturday 11th June  with only 9 people attending each course.
If you are interested in attending please leave me a message and Ill return with all the relevant information.
Thanks for reading and Ill speak soon.

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