Monday, May 9, 2011

well it's finished!

Well it's finished it seemed like a mammoth job but I did it and boy did it feel good!. I love the finished article, the colours, the textures and the hint of flowers mix in with all the swirls . I have always know that all colours are made from the three primary of blue,yellow and red but what made the theory come alive for me was my experiment. I find it strange that some times I know things but have not connected them to!!! reality maybe?
I have not put two and two together and made five I have just noted part of the equation and ignored the vital point ,THE ANSWER. I am pretty sure that's what I have done lots of times through life, I have seen the problem but not equated the answer, if there ever was to be an answer.
Any way back to the painting, I have used techniques that are strange to me pouring paint, cling film, salts and most defiantly different part of my brain as I was really thinking in an unusual way to normal. What allowed this painting to develop was the fact that I had to stop after each stage. I therefore had lots of time to watch as the paint and colours played their merry dance on the paper. It is incredible to watch as yellow slides it's way into blue to give birth to green, miraculous how red can renew it self with orange then take it to the extreme and renew in to purple. I truly could have watch all day and some times I did.
I really would love to hear what you may think of my "Angel petals" (There is another story about the title ) for another day maybe.

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