Saturday, August 28, 2010

Water colour painting classes

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Well the time has come to start  thinking about my watercolour classes. dates and times have been sorted out and I'm in the process of devising my scheme of work. A lot of my students have progressed so well over the last year or two that it is going to be a challenging project for me to work out  but I'll get there.
The art groups have worked so hard on water colour techniques that I feel it really is time to have some fun and to take this a bit further. I think we could have time playing about with colour. mmmmmmmmm  me thinks Ive got my first few classes Just need to work out the main details.
Details for classes are as follows
  • Starting Tuesday the 28th September @ 7.30pm to 9.30pm Evenings In the Curam centre, Clarmorris, County Mayo. running for 8 week. Payment is €80 for the 8 sessions to be payed on the night of registration. All are welcome as my course is plyable. Intrested? please e mail me
  • Starting Friday the 1st October @ 10 am to 12 am morning In the Curam centre, Claremorris, County Mayo. Running for 8 weeks. Registration and payment to be made at the Curam Centre ( I would suggest phoning and putting your name on the list for this class as it does become full very quickly)
  • Looking forward to seeing you all there.
I have posted a few of my latest paintings for you to view, I am still following the theme of seeing and painting  the every day objects around me. What beauty there is, sometimes I am astonished, when I set up a piece of work and most probably really look at an object for the first time I see:- Tone, light , contrasts, shapes ,textures, shadows folds, crisp creases, laces, thick wollens I could go on.
It excites me when I decide to paint that object with this contrasting fabric, flower or background,checking if the light is right, if the composition sits with me, if It all flows. I'm going on!!!, the process of setting up a still life is a very crucial part of what I do.I have difficulty with my eye site and can not manage to paint from life any more so I photograph my staged still life so I really need to get it right. Ill talk more on this point soon.
I really hope you like the few paintings I've posted and would love to her from you .
Thanks for taking the time .
Keep safe 
Angela x

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