Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stranger things have happened at sea

Monday evening I was feeling a bit low, long story but I am sure one day I will get around to mentioning it all to you, but as for now, It just seemed to be one of those weeks.Late evening I jumped on to my emails to just check, I wonder if I am the only one in the world who does that, just checks in case some miraculously fantastic event  has arrive in my mail box between dusk and dawn, well am I??????.
daaaaa raaaaaa it had, all those times of 'just checking' had  been worth the late night stares my miraculous fantastic came to fruition.
There was a e mail in my box with the heading " INVITATION TO EXHIBIT" 
This is what it said.
We have been on your website and are very impressed with the high
caliber, outstanding quality,and wonderful mix
your art offers. Your art is the reason we are contacting you.

ArtMonaco is the only contemporary art show of the Cote d'Azur held at
the Grimaldi Forum, the most prestigious convention center.
Galleries and artists participate by invitation exclusively.
I would like to extend a cordial invitation to you so that you can participate.

ArtMonaco reached 27,000,000 people, in 52 countries last year.
The best galleries and art collectors worldwide attended.

Now ! although this is what I have been waiting for with my moonlight email checks, something about it did not ring true to me. ME THEY PICKED ME!!!! no MIke ( my husband) you need to check this out I bet it's a scam. So poor Mike religiously does search after search on the net every thing seemed to be fine, but I am still saying me! why me! until we gave up looking for incriminating evidence of scams and sat down to have a last cup of tea (water for me ) before bed. when out of the blue on sky adverts came a whopping big, long advert  for ARTMONACO 011
well I'm blowed!! speechless, looks like they do want me after all!!!!!!!!!. HOW FANTASTIC!
What a boost to the old confidence I have rarely felt so excited and yet in such denial at the same time. Please forgive me if I am going on but just now and again one gets the feeling that people are actually  looking at what you are painting and this is one of those moments. 
Any way to end this mammoth tale I emailed them back saying just how grateful I was for their invitation but unfortunately I would not be going due to lack of funds. I know a bummer !!! But I received a lovely reply saying that they were sorry I could not attend but they would leave a place open for me for next year soooooooo MONACO HERE I COME 2012 best start dieting and saving.

Added my latest promo video to this blog hope you enjoy it. or pop on to my web site and take a look

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